How to de-stress from a hard day at work? Create a new version of buttermilk biscuits!!!!!!!!

Cooking really relaxes me, so minutes after having arrived home, my hands are covered in flour. It’s a mixture of flour , baking soda, buttermilk, a dash of salt…..and a last addition of Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and green olives!!!!!! I can’t wait to try these biscuits! There’s quite a savory perfume wafting from the kitchen….making me salivate thinking of biting into these salty biscuits…..and the great thing is that they were baking in the oven in just a few minutes!!!!!!! So these will be a nice addition for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Have a blessed evening!!!!!

How to make a Credit Presentation more fun…..take Chocolate covered Peach-Strawberry Cake Pops!

Yes, this is the week of a massively detailed Credit Workshop…and I found just the right snack to take so that everyone stays awake……chocolate covered cake pops!

You will have to stay tuned to Cooking with Gabi as I plan on showing how I made my cake pops “Pop!” full of flavor….in one bite, being able to taste the peaches-strawberry-chocolate concoction that I came up with….keep in mind that this was my first attempt at making these…and it was fun…but supremely messy.

Enjoying the process is just as much fun as tasting the final product!

Tomato-garlic-lemon bath for chicken and broccoli!

My love for tomatoes is never ending.  So what to do when I’m not feeling so good? Cook, of course!  I started off by heating an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce, then included some minced garlic, black pepper and sliced one large lemon and placed those slices on top of the tomato sauce. I let that simmer for about 8 minutes and then decided to add chicken thighs with the skin on, so the chicken cooked in a very nice tomato bath.  I also placed a dab of unsalted butter on top of the chicken. After 15 minutes, I flipped the chicken on its other side, covered it back up with lemon slices and let it finish cooking in another 15-20 minutes.  It was a good thing I had some left over broccoli, and that went in the pan to cook in the tomato-garlic-lemon sauce.

It’s not just chicken soup that can make you feel better.  After having a good portion of this yummy dish, I felt 150% better!

Soybean oil steam bath, anyone?

No, it wasn’t for me but for the veggies waiting for me at home! Last night I decided to create a “steam bath” of sorts with soybean oil, extra virgin olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and sea salt, and let portabellas, broccoli, grape tomatoes and eggplant hang out.  It was a delicious combination and quite fulfilling!  Aren’t veggies just awesome?

I love to “adventurize” in the kitchen! It’s fun to cook vegetables in different ways and get their full flavor.  I never thought that eggplant would become one of my favorites, though I do remember quite well one time when a friend told me that if I placed chopped eggplant in a jar with water and wait for a bit, the “eggplant juice” would be a natural method to lower hyperactivity.  Upon hearing that, I just had to give it a try  I had to sit down after drinking 3 glasses….it certainly did its trick on me…it really calmed me down….way down!  

You can use eggplant in salads, you can transform it into eggplant parmesan, and I’ve actually made an eggplant lasagne.

I hope that my story gets you trying out more veggies.  Try doing something different with vegetables this week and let me know how it goes!

Have a blessed evening.

Ephesians 3:20 – “Immeasurably more than we could ask or think….”

I am so thankful that I can always run to my spiritual Father and know without a shadow of a doubt that His provision will prevail.  What an awesome verse to meditate on….

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or think (imagine), according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!”

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking about today, the circumstances of events, and the things that we need to get accomplished, as well as wonder how everything is going to come together, but I can tell you that if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, He will never leave you nor forsake you; He knows and is aware of every nuance of your being, and He knows what you need. 

Psalm 139 is a reminder to us that He is aware of everything about us…all the details…and how He knows our words, our needs, our situations way before we will, and He’s already there.

I experienced this last night.  When I left the office, I kept my window down (something that I hardly ever do as it’s so humid right now) but it was through doing that, that I heard a sound that I really didn’t want to hear….that thump, thump, thump that comes from a tire that is losing air, and fast!  As I was stuck in traffic, I opened the door and looked towards the back and yes, there it was…a tire rapidly losing air.  I was so happy that I became aware of this leaving the office as there is a tire store half a block away. So very carefully I made my way on over. 

The store was still open so I went on in to get someone to come and look at my tire.  The mechanic tells me that he can’t fix the tire…..that the tire has some serious issues and it’s related to the shocks in my car….another bit of news that unsettled me a bit and when I pursued obtaining an estimate, I had to take a deep breath.

I opted to have the spare installed while I pondered my options. And while doing so, I received a phone call from someone that I had not heard from in a while.  Having spent many phone calls with the friend in the past, it was their turn to remind me that God is in control over all circmstances, and that at the end of the day, cars can be fixed.  The other blessing was in being able to contact my mechanic and him being at home to take my call! 

When I finally arrived home, I was hungry but wanted to eat something healthy. Rummaging through my fridge, I found what I was looking for.  An excellent choice of comfort food for me – Edamame! I took a refrigerated bag, microwaved it for two minutes or so, and then sprinkled it with some sea salt and black pepper…..and let me tell you, I felt so much better after that!!

Today, I received an estimate from my mechanic…….a fraction of what I was quoted yesterday.

My God provides. Sometimes not quite with what I expect, but nonetheless, He provides. This gives me great pleasure and as I  thought of the past 24 hours, it came to mind how just at the right moment it was that I became aware of the tire….just at the right time, I received an encouraging phone call…..and the affordable estimate!

Our God knows what you need and He will provide. Cling to Him and His promises, and you will see Him work in all the details that surround your life.

Psalm 139 – O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue You know it completely, O Lord. You hem me in – behind and before; you have laid your hand of blessing upon my head!

Have a blessed evening thinking about that…..His hand of blessing is upon your head…..He goes before you and behind you – He hems you in with His grace.

Have a blessed day!

It’s in the upper 90’s today in Miami!!!!

It is so hot outside in Miami today! Just going on uncomfortably hot – that heat that surrounds you and makes you want to take another breathe to make sure that  you’re still breathing… due to this intense heat, the cooking is down to a minimum.

I decided to do my own white egg frittata and came up with the following super easy and refreshing recipe:


3 egg whites, dash of salt, dash of pepper, one chopped tomato, 1/3 cup of chopped portabella mushrooms, a pinch of parsley, a few drops of Louisiana hot sauce, half a teaspoon of unsalted butter and 1/3 cup chopped onion.

Cook the onion in the butter until it’s translucent and then add the veggies; allow them to saute together for a minute or so then add the egg whites. This will cook rather fast, so don’t walk away from the pan! In just a few minutes you’ll have a wonderful dish that you can accompany with a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee and breakfast is served.

Let me know what you think if you try this recipe!

Have a blessed afternoon.

Habakkuk 3:19 – “The Sovereign Lord is my strength!”

It was a bright and sunny day earlier today…but right now, it’s pouring!

Earlier today, after a good workout, I found myself sitting down at Sawa, an “eclectic Mediterranean/Japanese” restaurant in Merrick Park. Needing fuel to keep going on a busy weekend, I decided to try out Executive Chef Jouvens Jean’s brunch menu, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. I found that there is a lighter side to brunch in an egg white frittata, laced with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.  It was light, savory and outright delicious! Accompanied with wheat toast and a skim milk capuccino, sweetened with PureVia Stevia, I enjoyed every bite.  If you have a chance, do try out this awesome restaurant, which is pocketbook friendly (aka. has very good pricing also).  Miami Spice prices continue throughout September! You will want to go back again and again, as the extensive menu covers quite an array of mouth-watering dishes!

What to do, on a rainy afternoon? Why Cook, of course!

It’s been steadily raining all week. Miami was not hit by Irene, but we sure did receive a watering!

Whereas before I might have been compelled to enjoy the rainy afternoon reading a good thriller, these days I find much more enjoyment experimenting in my kitchen.

This afternoon it was all about tomatoes and peaches.  Yes, you read that right; tomatoes and peaches.

What could I be thinking of?  A wonderful combination of two of the best fruits ever created!

So I went surfing for my small food processor and in went 8 oz of fresh tomato sauce, 1 large (heaping) tablespoon of minced garlic – just love that stuff!, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of black pepper, a couple of drops of my all time favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce, and one fresh peach. Seconds later, I had one of the most luxurious tomato sauces ready to be poured on just about anything! 

And I really mean anything. I’m a firm believer that tomatoes are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wonder what this might be like on a freshly baked croissant, over a nice slice of brie….just makes my mouth water at the thought!

The best part of this sauce is that it’s frothy. Believe me, I wouldn’t use this word lightly in the kitchen, but it has a certain “frothiness” to it! It’s got a real kick to it from the hot sauce, but at the same time very flavorful due to the combination of the tomato-minced garlic-peach trio that tells your taste buds “Wake Up!”

Maybe that will be breakfast tomorrow morning…..

Uruguayan Cuisine…..what…where is that???

Uruguay is a very small country in South America found “under the lump of Brazil, right next to Argentina.”  That became my standard answer when people would ask, “Where’s Uruguay?”

Uruguayan cuisine is very much alike to Argentinian cuisine…..a lot of beef and vegetables, and some of the best hand-made pastries and ice creams that I have ever tasted!

One of the great advantages of living in Miami is that there is a never ending amount of new restaurants found in every nook and cranny of this large city to try out and experiment in.

This afternoon, I found myself visiting for the very first time “Punto Sur,” a Uruguayan restaurant located at 7902 NW 36th Street in Doral, really close by to Miami International Airport.

Since I walked in right around 3pm, I thought I would be the only patron, but I was wrong.  I was not the only one on a rainy Thursday afternoon seeking a late lunch.

I walked in and saw that there were at least half a dozen groups of people enjoying their late lunch.

After taking a seat, a waitress came by and handed me a menu to peruse. I was very pleasantly surprised that they had quite an array of appetizers, sandwiches and entrees to choose from, and some very tasty looking desserts.  I chose the “entrana” (skirt steak) with Russian salad and tomatoes. 

After the waitress took my order, I walked around the restaurant to get a good feel for it and of course had to ask if they had any Conaprole dulce de leche.

“We just ran out,” said one of the servers. “We should be getting a new shipment any day now.”  I was really pleased to hear that, since I had also just run out of my own supply!

Only a few minutes after that conversation, my lunch arrived on a large plate, with a very generous slice of skirt steak, a healthy portion of Russian salad (a potato salad with peas and carrots) and chopped tomatoes on the side. For less than $10, this was a fantastic lunch that I could definitely see myself coming back to enjoy time and again.  The meat was juicy; the Russian salad was delicious as I mixed fresh tomatoes with it, and enjoyed it in each bite.  I took my time with this meal as I knew that this would become my new favorite restaurant to visit for late lunches during the week.

On my way out, I had to ask for a “cortadito” (an expresso with milk) to go. What an awesome meal!  It was just what I needed on this rainy afternoon.


Punto Sur – 7902 NW 36th Street, Doral, Florida 33166 (305) 514-2499 Free WiFi

They serve breakfast till 11am and lunch till 4pm.

Entrees range from $7.99 to $13.99.


This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It! Psalm 118:24

Welcome to the Cooking with Gabi blog!

Cooking for me is right along with lifting up praises to God – it is a true pleasure to participate in both!

Through God’s intervention, He allowed me to meet up with Marty Jean-Louis early this year, and shortly thereafter, Cooking with Gabi aired on DoersTV!

I believe that cooking can be fun, healthy and great tasting, which is why I incorporate many fruits and vegetables into every meal. 

My perspective is all about mixing up a dash of South America with a twist of North America, and adding a bit of “creative spice” to those creations!

As a child in Uruguay, an afternoon snack almost always included a spoonful of Conaprole’s “dulce de leche,” a type of creamy caramel that you can eat with practically anything.  My favorite choice was a banana.    

Tune in for future episodes of Cooking with Gabi on DoersTV to see how I make my “Banana and Dulce de Leche” cupcakes!  They are light, fluffy and not overly sweet, but just right and they are topped with a dulce de leche frosting that is out of this world!