What to do, on a rainy afternoon? Why Cook, of course!

It’s been steadily raining all week. Miami was not hit by Irene, but we sure did receive a watering!

Whereas before I might have been compelled to enjoy the rainy afternoon reading a good thriller, these days I find much more enjoyment experimenting in my kitchen.

This afternoon it was all about tomatoes and peaches.  Yes, you read that right; tomatoes and peaches.

What could I be thinking of?  A wonderful combination of two of the best fruits ever created!

So I went surfing for my small food processor and in went 8 oz of fresh tomato sauce, 1 large (heaping) tablespoon of minced garlic – just love that stuff!, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of black pepper, a couple of drops of my all time favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce, and one fresh peach. Seconds later, I had one of the most luxurious tomato sauces ready to be poured on just about anything! 

And I really mean anything. I’m a firm believer that tomatoes are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wonder what this might be like on a freshly baked croissant, over a nice slice of brie….just makes my mouth water at the thought!

The best part of this sauce is that it’s frothy. Believe me, I wouldn’t use this word lightly in the kitchen, but it has a certain “frothiness” to it! It’s got a real kick to it from the hot sauce, but at the same time very flavorful due to the combination of the tomato-minced garlic-peach trio that tells your taste buds “Wake Up!”

Maybe that will be breakfast tomorrow morning…..

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