Tomato-garlic-lemon bath for chicken and broccoli!

My love for tomatoes is never ending.  So what to do when I’m not feeling so good? Cook, of course!  I started off by heating an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce, then included some minced garlic, black pepper and sliced one large lemon and placed those slices on top of the tomato sauce. I let that simmer for about 8 minutes and then decided to add chicken thighs with the skin on, so the chicken cooked in a very nice tomato bath.  I also placed a dab of unsalted butter on top of the chicken. After 15 minutes, I flipped the chicken on its other side, covered it back up with lemon slices and let it finish cooking in another 15-20 minutes.  It was a good thing I had some left over broccoli, and that went in the pan to cook in the tomato-garlic-lemon sauce.

It’s not just chicken soup that can make you feel better.  After having a good portion of this yummy dish, I felt 150% better!

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