O Lord, You have Searched me and You know me – Psalm 139:1

I am so grateful that my God and King knows me completely, accepts me fully and embraces my life with joy, as I was fearfully and wonderfully made for the purpose of being….ME! Not anyone else, but me! Are you aware of how special you are, just made to be the unique You that YOU are…not like someone else, but you!!  This Christmas, not only should you place God first in your life, but you should embrace and take joy in being you, the wonderful creation that God made you to be and share yourself with others, spend time lifting, encouraging and motivating others to enjoy who they are in Christ.   After all, everyone was created in His Image. Who will you emulate….the world around you or the God Who created you?

Let’s take joy in enjoying this Christmas to a whole different level, acknowledging Who God is in our lives, as well as who we are in others’ lives – the special people that God made!

You Are Special!