Where are YOU taking your tummy this weekend in South Florida????

I know where I will be, but where will you be?  The South Beach Food & Wine Festival is taking place THIS WEEKEND in Miami Beach!!!!!!  I can’t wait…..almost wish that I still had my rollerblades so that I could really get around Miami Beach quickly for this amazing event which takes place each year on South Beach, where celebrity chefs and many others will attend this marvelous event under the Miami sun, thoroughly enjoying great variety of mouth-watering foods!

And tomorrow at noon Antonio Banderas will be at Sunset Liquors promoting his wines……today, Friday, February 24th, he will be at Perry’s, giving an introduction to the Anta Banderas wines!!!!

Talk about an exciting weekend!

Don’t forget to go by Tart & Berry’s, located at the Regal Movie Mall on Kendall Drive & 122nd, to try my Limoncello Lemon/Lime Mini Cupcakes, as well as their refreshing low-fat yogurts!

And get prepared for Sunday night’s Oscar Parties!!!!!! 

So much to get prepared for…..so I must fly as I have a birthday cake waiting to be baked…..am thinking of making a strawberry-yogurt cake…..check in later as I’ll share how that one came out!!!!

Have a wonderful blessed weekend, enjoying all that there is to do!!!!

And remember to get some natural Vitamin D….spend some time outside!!!

Now where is that blue hat of mine?????


Was it the Limoncello Lemon-Lime or the Banana & Dulce de Leche mini cupcakes that opened the door???

It was overcast last Friday afternoon.   By the time that I made it to West Kendall, I wanted to get some yogurt.  I had seen advertisements for Tart & Berry’s, but had never stopped in, so once I arrived at Kendall and 122nd, I made a right, another right and followed the signs to the Cafe.   Soon after I arrived, it began to pour! Talk about a rain shower.  I decided to hang out at the cafe for a while until it abated.

So what did I choose to do? Chat with one of the owners, Rosy.  We had a great conversation and I found out that not only do they have some awesome tasting yogurts, including pistachio (one of my favorites), strawberry, tiramisu, cheesecake and many others, they also have chicken pesto paninis, salads and wraps!  I felt compelled to share all about my new cooking ventures and healthier way of cooking and she shared that they also sell baked goods.  That was when I felt that I had to offer something different….and she was open to having a weekend taste test with some of my mini cupcakes!!!!

I was soooo excited I could hardly contain myself.  Practically running home, I went through my cupboards and decided to make some mini dulce de leche and banana cupcakes and then came up with a new recipe…..the Limoncello Lemon-Lime Mini cupcake!!! Talk about delicious…..tart and sweet at the same time, with that hint of Limoncello.  Yum….severe yum factor. 

The good thing about these is that they are MINI cupcakes.  I do believe in moderation, and yes, I struggle at times myself in stopping before eating way more than I need, so in making these small cupcakes, it allows you to make better decisions regarding just how much dessert to have!

In one of my cooking segments on www.doerstv.com/Ch12 I mention that portion control is important and that one basic size cupcake is enough, but some people told me that one is not enough!  It is a decision for every one to make but with the mini cupcakes, you can have two and not feel like you are falling off your diet.  You won’t be. 

These Limoncello Lemon-Lime Mini Cupcakes are worth their calories (approximately 100 calories)!  They do not have a lot of sugar – they are not the typical cupcake.  When we did the taste test, Isabel shared with me that customers found that they enjoyed the taste but that they did not find them as sweet as they thought that they would be.

When I bake, I opt to use pureed fruit as that sweet quotient.  I also use cake flour. It’s that mixture of using fresh lemon juice with  lime and the awesome Limoncello that adds that added “zing” that make these mini cupcakes worth the drive to Tart & Berry’s, located at 8711 SW 124th Avenue (at the shopping center where the Regal Cinemas is located right across from the Barnes & Nobles).

Be sure to go to Tart & Berry’s this weekend and try out the Limoncello Lemon-Lime Mini Cupcakes, and let me know what you think!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Who are you loving this Valentine’s Weekend?

Yes, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day and I am enjoying every single moment of it!  This weekend I choose to enjoy every minute of it, as I did this amazing lunch that I just had at Seasons 52, Miracle Mile, in downtown Coral Gables.

Running errands, I heard a certain grumbling and it wasn’t the weather! My stomach let me know it was time for fuel again…….and my thoughts turned to what I could eat that would be extremely flavorful, as well as good for my body, because at the end of the day, whose’s going to hold me up? You got it!

So off I went and promptly arrived at Seasons 52, sat at the bar and the moment that the server was in front of me with a menu, I said with a smile, “I know exactly what I want….an order of edamame and a salmon salad!” and it was the best, the absolute best choice that I could have made. 

What an amazing salad! Talk about presentation, talk about flavor, talk about just amazing amount of food for less than $15!!!! Just sooo good, and the greens were not just greens for show….they were surrounded by bits of chopped mango, cranberries, sesame seeds and a lovely light vinaigrette.  Chef Matt McCormick deserves much praise for his awesome food at Seasons 52!

And that green tea sea salt that they serve with the edamame is also amazingly flavorful…..I will find a way to make my own as this is absolutely one of the most delicious flavorful additions to veggies!!!

But back to the question……I choose to love God. I choose to worship and praise my Creator, the One who chose to give me life, through Whom I get to enjoy every day…and I also choose to love my body by making better food choices, as the fuel will certainly keep me going, going, going – and I have many places to go this weekend!

So do make some time for those people that are the most important to you this weekend and take some time to Praise your Creator, as well as take good care of yourself…..stay tuned as I will be posting a new recipe that will make your mouth water just reading about it. Something easy, light and terribly delicious….and yes, it includes Chocolate!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend!


It was almost too hot to handle!

I love tomatoes. Just adore them….there’s so much that you can do with them, and it was going to be a friend’s birthday and she likes hot sauce, so I thought to myself…..let me just create a home-made “hot sauce”! 

I went to Whole Foods and purchased habaneros…..and promptly found out just how potent they are….those chilies will definitely clear your sinuses and fast! A tip….do not, under any circumstances, touch your face after chopping up habaneros…..they will sting you and wake you up faster than you can blink! Believe me, I had a personal encounter and let me tell you, I felt the burn!!!

So I opted to use about 6 oz. of tomato paste, 2 habaneros (what was I thinking….but it was my first time working with them!!!), black pepper, cayenne, red pepper, Louisiana hot sauce, and let it all come together in a food processor….and boy, was it HOT! 

Not only did I make the “hot sauce,” I also used this sauce to make parmesan-hot sauce biscuits, which did not take off the roof of my mouth. They were actually good and not too spicy.