It was almost too hot to handle!

I love tomatoes. Just adore them….there’s so much that you can do with them, and it was going to be a friend’s birthday and she likes hot sauce, so I thought to myself…..let me just create a home-made “hot sauce”! 

I went to Whole Foods and purchased habaneros…..and promptly found out just how potent they are….those chilies will definitely clear your sinuses and fast! A tip….do not, under any circumstances, touch your face after chopping up habaneros…..they will sting you and wake you up faster than you can blink! Believe me, I had a personal encounter and let me tell you, I felt the burn!!!

So I opted to use about 6 oz. of tomato paste, 2 habaneros (what was I thinking….but it was my first time working with them!!!), black pepper, cayenne, red pepper, Louisiana hot sauce, and let it all come together in a food processor….and boy, was it HOT! 

Not only did I make the “hot sauce,” I also used this sauce to make parmesan-hot sauce biscuits, which did not take off the roof of my mouth. They were actually good and not too spicy.




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