Where are YOU taking your tummy this weekend in South Florida????

I know where I will be, but where will you be?  The South Beach Food & Wine Festival is taking place THIS WEEKEND in Miami Beach!!!!!!  I can’t wait…..almost wish that I still had my rollerblades so that I could really get around Miami Beach quickly for this amazing event which takes place each year on South Beach, where celebrity chefs and many others will attend this marvelous event under the Miami sun, thoroughly enjoying great variety of mouth-watering foods!

And tomorrow at noon Antonio Banderas will be at Sunset Liquors promoting his wines……today, Friday, February 24th, he will be at Perry’s, giving an introduction to the Anta Banderas wines!!!!

Talk about an exciting weekend!

Don’t forget to go by Tart & Berry’s, located at the Regal Movie Mall on Kendall Drive & 122nd, to try my Limoncello Lemon/Lime Mini Cupcakes, as well as their refreshing low-fat yogurts!

And get prepared for Sunday night’s Oscar Parties!!!!!! 

So much to get prepared for…..so I must fly as I have a birthday cake waiting to be baked…..am thinking of making a strawberry-yogurt cake…..check in later as I’ll share how that one came out!!!!

Have a wonderful blessed weekend, enjoying all that there is to do!!!!

And remember to get some natural Vitamin D….spend some time outside!!!

Now where is that blue hat of mine?????



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