Triple Chocolate Threat: Yummy Birthday Chocolate Cake!

2-27-2013 003

It was a friend’s birthday and knowing that she loves chocolate, I decided to go beyond creating a home made frosting…..I opted to use Wilton Chocolate Candies, melted them and poured them over the cake!  It created a candy chocolate shell over the Grand Marnier-cocoa and peach cake…..she told me that she had to pull the cake away from her kids who almost inhaled it!

Need a natural pick-me-up? Try my New Carrot-n-Sweet Potato Soup!

Way too soon to be encountering a second cold in 2013, I opted to stay home on Sunday….and came up with this new simple but delicious soup that put a smile on my face!Image three chopped carrots

the juice of half a lemon

one very large sweet potato

2 cups low sodium chicken broth

The chopped carrots went into 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth, which was brought to a boil, adding in the fresh lemon juice.  As soon as the sweet potato was done in the microwave, I carefully peeled it, chopped it and in the pot it went, to cook for a good 5 to 10 minutes. 

This mixture went into a blender, where it was blended till everything was well combined…..and then the taste test….simple but deliciously good!


Decadently Delicious Sriracha-Bourbon Sauce for Meatballs….or baked French Fries….or Eggplant….and just About Anything!

ImageWait till I tell you just how easy and simply absolutely lick-your-plate-deliciousness is my new Bourbon-Sriracha Absolutely Rocking Sauce for meatballs…and just anything else that you’d like a tomato based sauce with…..

1 cup of ketchup

1/4 cup bourbon….I used Jimmy Beam

1/4 teaspoon Sriracha sauce

I placed these three ingredients in a stovetop pot and allowed it to simmer for a good ten minutes, while I made simple meatballs, just seasoning them with grated red and jalapeno peppers, salt and a dash of pepper.

If you are using sriracha sauce for the first time, be very careful for “tasting” purposes.  This is a very hot sauce so a little bit goes a long way.

After transferring the meatballs to the simmering sauce, I started breading the eggplant and the tomato, chopped the potatoes and using extra virgin olive oil as a base, placed these vegetables to broil on high for approximately 4-5 minutes each side, sprinkling just a dash of kosher salt and pepper on top.

I just have to say that there was no way that I was going to just use ketchup on those baked fries….I used some of the Bourbon-Sriracha sauce on top of the baked fries, on top of the eggplant and with tomato….it is just so absolutely delicious that I could think of using this on just about anything, including meatloaf…and possibly a vegetable lasagna……yum…doesn’t that just sound amazing????

Stay tuned for the next recipe with leftover sauce!!! Could be a dessert……


Zucchini-Bacon-3Cheese-Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Biscuits!

What’s the best way to integrate some veggies into breakfast?  Make sure to puree zucchini and make it part of an awesome buttermilk biscuit!




I am always trying to integrate vegetables or fruits into every dish… this morning after finding a zucchini in my fridge, I decided to make buttermilk biscuits, with bacon, parmesan, cheddar and muenster cheese; I liquified the zucchini with a quarter low sodium chicken broth and mixed it all together, baking at 450 for 10 minutes…and can I tell you how amazing it was? It was savory deliciousness in each bite! I had to stop after 3!!!!