The Power of “Eggplant”!

Not only is eggplant good for you, it can help lower your high blood pressure naturally!

I read something a while back about chopping up an unpeeled eggplant and placing it in a pitcher filled with spring water, letting it steep for a couple of hours before drinking 1 oz of the “eggplant water.”  It’s natural, so I thought…why not? ImageI tried it and it worked! But like anything natural you try, you should consult your physician and also be careful of the quantity of this “eggplant water” that you drink.

Eggplant has scopoletin, which has a general calming effect on the nerves that control the small muscles in blood vessel walls, as well as regulates serotonin, which  helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

So if you have eggplant recipes……post them, please!

Isn’t God amazing to have created this vegetable that not only tastes delicious, but also has all these wonderful natural attributes?


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