Bacon goodness in Scrambled Eggs and an Everything-in-the-fridge Biscuit!

ImageI love making my own biscuits and this past weekend, I wanted a homemade brunch. Finding out that now I have become lactose intolerant, I now have to figure out ways to replace milk with other products…..and the first one that I am trying out is almond milk.  I am glad to say that so far, so good! I have not had any negative reactions. Had a cup of Nespresso coffee with the almond milk and it Worked!! Hallelujah! Happy Camper on that note!

I have an upcoming dinner that I am creating for a friend that requested “everything bacon!” So I decided to try out different things, beginning with biscuits.  Looked in the fridge and put everything and then some in these lovelies.

Not only did I use parmesan cheese but I also shredded about half a cup of sharp cheddar. Also sea salt and pepper went into the flour mixture, along with finely chopped bacon and ham, of course!! Talk about savory, savory deliciousness…and yes, I did use some of the almond milk in the biscuits.  I took some to a couple of people for them to try out and they all said the same thing…..”Delicious!”

So since I am in the midst of creating the menu for this upcoming “bacony-goodness” birthday dinner, I am open for suggestions for the appetizers. I was all excited about bacon wrapped figs or dates, but I was told no way by the birthday boy……so now I am seeking suggestions…..and will continue to surf to find some yummy bacon goodness for savory appetizers.


Sriracha Picadillo…..with Broiled Sweet Potatoes over tortilla chips!

ImageI admit it. I like living a little dangerously in the kitchen…, that red sauce is not ketchup….it’s a healthy dosage of Sriracha sauce!!!!Image

Mixed that in with ground beef, olives, chopped bacon, raisins, and let it cook till the meat was well done.

Had some frozen sweet potato slices so in the oven they went, to be broiled for just a few minutes, with a dash of sea salt, black pepper and cayenne (just a little more heat to accompany the Sriracha sauce!!) and decided to drop some tortilla chips on the plate and put the picadillo on top. 

Delicious!!!! it was a very filling dinner, I must admit.  Now the good thing about picadillo is that you can do just about anything with it….you can put it on top of rice, noodles, or a baked potato or even with couscous!  Or else….just by itself!



Chocolate-Orange Liqueur and Peach Cake Pops

ImageI was asked if I wanted to provide a little something for Frank Panico’s premiere, this past Saturday at The Biltmore in Coral Gables, so I came up with a new recipe, inserting Uruguayan orange liqueur in my peach cake pops…..and the outcome was……fantastic!  I received a phone call from a friend this morning, telling me that they couldn’t stop themselves from devouring the samples, as they were not so sweet, but just right!

Frank Panico created a documentary entitled “Lambs Amongst Wolves,” which premiered yesterday in South Florida. You can see more about this documentary at

Lil Tokyo Reporter wins Many Awards at Treasure Coast Film Festival, June 2nd, 2013

Lil Tokyo Reporter


This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a screening of Lil Tokyo Reporter, filmed by newcomer Jeffrey Gee Chin of Leap Man Productions, at the Treasure Coast Film Festival.

To say that I was stunned that this is his first movie is putting it mildly.  Jeffrey poured himself through three years of intense work to lovingly put together a gorgeous short film, portraying the true life struggles of Sei Fujii, immigrant pioneer, leader and publisher.

Due to the excellence in the work, Lil Tokyo Reporter received various awards, from Best Short Film, to Best Editing and Cinematography.

If you are interested in film, you must check this out.