Open Faced deliciousness in a Breakfast Broccoli-Bacon-Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Yes, you read that right! Broccoli for breakfast….and let me tell you….quite delicious!

7-27-2013 232

First I cooked the bacon and after it was well done, placed in the broccoli to cook, while whisking two eggs with just a dash of kosher salt and a third of a cup of shredded white cheddar cheese.  There was something quite decadent about cooking the broccoli with the eggs and bacon….after it was well done, it went on top of toast, to become an open faced breakfast sandwich…..the crunch of the bacon with the eggs and broccoli was amazing…..

And to finish it off, one sliced nectarine with kiwi, a healthy dollop of Greek yogurt and just 3 tablespoons of granola……this was my Saturday Brunch!7-27-2013 227


The cup of Nespresso coffee just made it so amazing……every day should be a Brunch Day!



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