First Attempt at Homemade Chocolate Macaroons!


Today was experimenting day in my kitchen….and having left over egg whites made me go surfing to see what I could possibly make.  I found an interesting recipe for macaroons and thought….why not? 

I was happy that I had all the ingredients, including almond meal in my freezer.  The hardest part of making macaroons was piping them. I definitely need to put in more practice…..they were so funny looking…but I did do a taste test and found that they are great to pair with vanilla ice cream!  Crunchy goodness with French vanilla ice cream……it definitely had the “yum factor”!


Home Made Hazelnut-Chocolate Sauce!


I adore hazelnuts….they are just one of the top nuts to have around! And when you mix hazelnuts and chocolate….only good things happen!

Off to Trader Joe’s. Came back with two large bags of hazelnuts. Took an entire bag and toasted them, then took a kitchen towel and cleaned off their peel and into the food processor they went along with 1/4 cup of granulated sugar, to be pulverized into hazelnut meal. 

Took one entire bag of Trader Joe chocolate chips and melted it along with 2 oz. of Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt, butter and cream, and incorporated the hazelnut meal till it was well mixed together…and of course, had to take a small taste test…..and yes, absolutely delicious! 

And to make things a bit more nutritious, opted to slice a pear…..because anything goes with chocolate!


Blueberry Madness & Strawberry Delirium……

A cheesecake by itself…..needs some paint, doesn’t it?  So out came the Bullet!

Blueberry Madness sauce is composed of two cups of blueberries, with a mad dash of key lime juice and the juice of one lemon, and a healthy shot of Limoncello…..came out thicker than I had thought, but I had to do a taste test and what better way than to try it on top of vanilla ice cream??

Fresh and frozen strawberries were blended with brandy…..this one came out much more like a sauce……

One spoonful of each on vanilla ice cream….and yes, I admit that the strawberry brandy sauce won, hand down!

But the blueberries were also good….just thick and different….


Tomorrow those that are brave will get to try both desserts…and sauces!



Luscious Strawberries to the Rescue!

In preparation to give a nutritional comparison, I have created two strawberry desserts to present…one a totally decadent creamy cheesecake vs. a light strawberry dessert with cream as well, but much lighter in carbohydrates as well as calories.

One slice of cheesecake equates to approximately 400+ calories, vs. a light strawberry dessert which equates to approximately 225 calories…..both delicious…..which one would you choose?
6-9-2014 654
6-9-2014 660