Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Bread, aka Just Outrageous!

7-13-2014 003

The healthy snack of the week was seeds, so I chose pumpkin and sunflower seeds and opted to try a homemade yeast bread…..oh, my. When I sliced the bread and placed it in the toaster for 2 minutes and gave it a slight pat of unsalted butter, the taste was excruciatingly delicious and so fulfilling! Two small slices were the best portion option for this amazing bread accompanied with a hot cup of lemon tea. Major Yum!

Orange & Pomegranate Seed Breakfast Bread

7-27-2014 027

Having never used pomegranate seeds as an ingredient in a bread, I decided to try something new….the outcome was just outrageously delicious breakfast bread! It flew…..as soon as I cut the slices and placed them in the kitchen, within an hour I was back to slice the rest of the bread.

How amazing those seeds were in the orange bread…..I used freshly squeezed orange juice as well as the zest of one large orange….and the result was an aromatic delicious combination that made many taste buds dance in joy!

Sinfully Tempting Macadamia-White Chocolate Chip Cookies

7-27-2014 048

How well do macadamia nuts and Ghirardelli white chocolate chips go together? Imagine how well these two ingredients marry in a sinfully decadent sugar cookie……combining white sugar and light brown sugar, butter, eggs and flour mixture together with great quality of white chocolate chips and chopped macadamia nuts….the taste is outrageous!

My taste buds complained….how could they just enjoy one? But one it will just have to be one…..moderation is the key with these amazingly decadent cookies!

Pumkin and Sunflower Seed Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Had been thinking of making whole wheat bread but wanting a crunch factor, went with pumpkin and sunflower seeds..and me, oh, my…how delish it came out!