Uber Darkest Cocoa and Rum Lindt Chocolate Cupcake Nirvana!

IMG_9602I was in the mood to create something luscious…..so chocolate had to be involved! Had a crazy day dealing with the strangest technological issues…..and needing to de-stress led me to my kitchen, where out came pots and pans and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

I used one bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate chips and one bar of Lindt’s darkest chocolate with cayenne in the thick decadent ganache that covered these babies…..soooo good.  Also poured in two heaping tablespoons of  85% darkest cocoa in the dry ingredients.  Went one step further and use four large eggs instead of my standard three, beating them well with sugar and unsalted butter, and then was it a drop or more like a 3/4 cup of good quality rum, one heaping teaspoon of ginger and another of cinnamon and popped these babies into a 350 degree oven for 17 minutes and out came the most gorgeous naked cupcakes ever! When they weren’t even at room temperature I bit into one….as I am taking them to the office and oh, my! Delicious, light and with a hint of spice coming through. Amazing. But alas, I wanted to make a good impression so I knew that ganache would be the best topping. Out came more chocolate, heated with heavy whipping cream….and oh, my, oh, my, oh, my! These are drool worthy!