Farofa at Giraffas

1-11-2015 pictures from cell phone 1761

I had not had farofa in years….actually I think I had it the last time that I was in Brazil and that was just eons ago…..so I truly enjoyed the farofa that accompanied a good steak when I was with friends at Giraffas.

Why was it so delicious? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it had copious amounts of bacon and spices that made it a delicious accompaniment to a delicious steak, along with a side salad. This was truly a very filling meal….I didn’t eat anything else until the next day and I had this dish at lunch time, so it was truly a great investment! If you’ve never had it, take the time to go to Giraffas and give it a try….farofa is very rich, so once in a blue moon is OK…but it’s not something that I’ll have repeatedly. If a Brazilian enjoys the food at Giraffas, then you know it has to be good!

This restaurant is located at 9459 South Dixie Highway. The food is quite good.


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