Turmeric Homemade Bread

6-3-2015 food 003

Always trying to do something different, I chose turmeric as the item to highlight a couple of weeks ago, so I made a spice mix of turmeric, paprika, and marjoram and placed those spices with yeast and voila! Turmeric bread……really delicious, with a little spicy kick at the end of a bite.

Chocolate Ganache Cake with Mango Frosting – beyond delish!

6-3-2015 food 014

I wanted to make something super special for a couple that just had their 35th Anniversary(!!!) so the chocolate cake is a combination of cake flour with melted ganache and sour cream, and the frosting….it’s all about mango.

Needless to say I did a taste test on cupcakes that I made with some of the batter….and me, oh, my! Soooooo good. Dangerously delicious!

Happy Anniversary!!

6-3-2015 food 011