Fondue-Bacon homemade Bread!

Yes, you read that right!  I was talking with some friends and they were going on an on about fondue……so there I was, having a comfy day at home….I just had to bake….so out came the cheeses…..yes, three different kinds…and what makes the best fondue….good white wine!  In went the Liebfraumilch, bacon and freshly grated peppercorn….me, oh my…..when it was done and it came out of the oven, I had to use a kitchen towel, so I wouldn’t get burnt!  It was piping hot….and totally delicious!

Can’t wait for breakfast…..will have another slice then…..

3-6-2017 748

One of Those Days…..

What happens when you wake up super early, your nose is stuffy, your throat is not happy and all you can think about is hibernating?

I chose to hibernate today…..and I have to admit, it feels great! Still in my jammies since waking up with the birdies, I’ve been supremely productive, waiting for my latest creation to rise…..yes, letting the yeast have its way with the yummy ingredients that are going to transform into an amazing creation…..baked, yummy goodness for an amazing comfort meal later this afternoon composed of a wide variety of cheeses, bacon (yum), carrots and broccoli…….what more could I possibly want?

Yes, I can see what a gorgeous day it is outside, but right now I just want to be still……to rest and enjoy the fact that I can take a day off from being a social butterfly and enjoy a day at home. Rest. Not a word that is used so much….the constant activity of a metropolitan city greets me every day when I leave my home. But there is a need, an internal need, to just be still. And enjoy a day off from running around with crazy traffic and some would say, crazy people!  I see them every day, and sometimes it does look like they’re crazy with the way they change lanes, cut people off and appear to need to travel at 85 mph in a 30mph lane! But that is not my concern today.

I choose to rest, be still, cook and wait for the transformation that will happen in just a few hours.

In the meantime…..where’s my pillow?

Stay tuned for some pics of the amazing comfort meal I’ll be having this afternoon…..