Homemade Turmeric Bread!

turmeric bread 001

Yes, turmeric has become a part of my life, especially after finding out that it has such great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits….and mixed with black pepper…watch out~! You’ll be full of energy, besides enjoying this combination in a wide variety of dishes. But my choice was…..creating turmeric bread for English tea in the afternoon!

I even had a slice of it with leftover fruit salad this morning. Since I am still very much on a Goji berry kick, having left the Goji berries in the freezer, it was super easy to use the Bullet to pulverize the berries and create “Goji dust” with a few dashes of ground ginger over a simple salad of strawberries, melon and banana….need I say more? Major yum factor!


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