Tannat Ice Cream Dessert – yes, with Red Wine!


This dessert almost made me weep. I took a bite and was catapulted to a different world, with the light freshness of the ice cream with the Tannat based sauce with macerated berries….need I say more? It was spectacular.  And the almond cookie? Divine!

Yes, I totally misbehaved and had the entire dish….left the plate looking like new….can’t wait to go back and have another bite….unless I figure out how to make it myself!

Tannat Restaurant downtown Montevideo

In case you’ve never tried Uruguayan wines, you have got to try the amazingly delicious Uruguayan Tannat wine. During my Thanksgiving vacation, my Tia Neni invited me to the Tannat Restaurant, located downtown Montevideo, for a wonderful “merluza.”  What is that, you ask?  It’s a type of white fish, that accompanied with a grilled potato or side salad and just a smidgeon of fresh minty chimichurri, was absolutely outstanding!





Soup, The Final Frontier… aka – let’s clean out the veggie bin!

There’s something quite comforting about a bowl of hot soup. And today was one of those days….yes, it’s back up to the 80’s in Miami, but I wanted soup, so off I went into the veggie bin.

I sauteed two chopped white onions with a dash or two of freshly grated black peppercorn and a dash of sea salt, and added two chopped potatoes and allowed it to cook until the potatoes were tender in 3 cups of spring water. Then I added about 2 cups of fresh broccoli, and about a cup and a half of riced cauliflower – yes, all the fresh veggies went into this pot of goodness. I couldn’t wait to blend it, put it back in the stovetop pot, and allow it to come up to a gentle boil.

Then I scooped up a bowl and threw some plantain chips on top…..I love a bit of crunch with hot soup, and it was sooooo good! Am actually having a second cup for dinner…..today has been a smoothie kind of day!