New Wine Down and Write event on Instagram!

In order to participate in last night’s “virtual” Wine Down and Write, hosted by the lovely Yolande Clark Jackson, I had to create an account in Instagram. Was pretty simple, praise God…..I confess I am a bit technologically challenged, but I found myself starting to post pictures, and having fun, as I was taught how to be concise, precise and to the point in my English high school class.

As it is a “Wine” Down and Write event, I decided that I needed to set my own stage for the class, so I came up with some yummy sustainable appetizers (aka whatever I found in my fridge!) for the glass of Liebfraumilch that I would be enjoying during the class.

Chopped some sharp cheddar cheese and built my own “building block” with fresh pineapple, and with leftover chicken and spicy crackers, dipped them in garlic hummus. Fresh strawberries did the trick as a fresh dessert, accompanying the glass of Liebfraumilch….the best Riesling ever!



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