Super Fast Pesto & Balsamic Vinegar Tomatoes with Salmon!


Hungry for something fast and yummy and thinking of chicken, I came across a super price for salmon at my local supermarket so off I went home to cook a fast and what would become a scrumptious meal.  A dash of salt and pepper and I placed the salmon to cook stove top.

Searching in my fridge I found a jar of pesto from Whole Foods… I took a large tablespoon of pesto and covered the salmon with it, and took another tablespoon and placed it in a bowl with a tablespoon of rich balsamic vinegar and mixed it well….and took one tomato and chopped it up and placed it in a bowl with pesto, the rich and thick 18 year old balsamic vinegar that I received as a gift, with just a dash of salt and pepper……when the salmon was almost cooked, I took a couple of tablespoons of the marinated tomatoes and placed it on top, allowing it to cook the last few minutes.

It was just amazing…and superbly filling…and so yummy…and so healthy! Superbly aligned with eating healthy and incorporating veggies into each meal!

Starting off 2014 with a bang!