Outrageously Intense Orange Lindt Cupcakes with Rum!


My friend’s 20th anniversary provoked me to go to dark chocolate to create a yummilicious cake….but since I had some leftover batter, I decided to put it to good use and make some cupcakes.  This was the first time that I literally had to place the bowl  under water immediately for fear that I would lick the bowl clean!

The ganache was to die for.  Melting Lindt’s Orange Intense Chocolate with heavy whipping cream created a rich and flavorful smooth frosting that made me do the unthinkable…..I had two cupcakes! I pride myself on having restraint and always just having one to try them, but there was something so delicious about this rum, fresh orange zest and three chocolate cupcake that grabbed my taste buds by the throat!  I am so thankful that I have an event that I am going to where I will be able to take the remaining cupcakes, as I can’t trust myself this time with these absolutely delicious baked goodies.

I was super excited that my neighborhood Publix had a sale, yes an actual sale, on Lindt chocolates….so I went back for more. 

This is a sure hit!


Pineapple-Rum Cupcakes dusted with Maple Sugar

ImageSomeone did a wondrous favor for me so I decided to make the most portable gift food…cupcakes!

Wanting to create something new, I took pineapple tidbits and pureed them with their natural juice and about a third of a cup of rum.  I incorporated that into my dry ingredients, as well as 3 eggs, one stick of melted unsalted butter, and half a cup of fine sugar.  Last but not least, I used about a third cup of carbonated water…..mixed that till it was well incorporated and placed them in a 350 degree oven for 17 minutes.

For frosting, I let 8 oz. of Neufchatel cheese come to room temperature and mixed it with 3 tablespoons of fresh pineapple juice and 1 cup and a half of powdered sugar.  Frosted the cupcakes lightly and then just put a little dusting of maple sugar.

Of course I tried one….just had to…and it was good…..