Home Made Hazelnut-Chocolate Sauce!


I adore hazelnuts….they are just one of the top nuts to have around! And when you mix hazelnuts and chocolate….only good things happen!

Off to Trader Joe’s. Came back with two large bags of hazelnuts. Took an entire bag and toasted them, then took a kitchen towel and cleaned off their peel and into the food processor they went along with 1/4 cup of granulated sugar, to be pulverized into hazelnut meal. 

Took one entire bag of Trader Joe chocolate chips and melted it along with 2 oz. of Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt, butter and cream, and incorporated the hazelnut meal till it was well mixed together…and of course, had to take a small taste test…..and yes, absolutely delicious! 

And to make things a bit more nutritious, opted to slice a pear…..because anything goes with chocolate!