Blueberry Madness & Strawberry Delirium……

A cheesecake by itself…..needs some paint, doesn’t it?  So out came the Bullet!

Blueberry Madness sauce is composed of two cups of blueberries, with a mad dash of key lime juice and the juice of one lemon, and a healthy shot of Limoncello…..came out thicker than I had thought, but I had to do a taste test and what better way than to try it on top of vanilla ice cream??

Fresh and frozen strawberries were blended with brandy…..this one came out much more like a sauce……

One spoonful of each on vanilla ice cream….and yes, I admit that the strawberry brandy sauce won, hand down!

But the blueberries were also good….just thick and different….


Tomorrow those that are brave will get to try both desserts…and sauces!