Friday Craving: Turkey-Black Bean & Plantain Burger!


I had a craving for a burger, so I went scavenging in the fridge, and what did I find? Ground turkey! Yes, I made my own version of a “Cuban burger” with ground turkey, black beans and leftover plantains.

Rummaging in my pantry, out came a can of organic black beans from Trader Joe’s that were rinsed, and chopped the remaining pieces of plantains from my Pollo Tropical order of the week…..and incorporated it together with the ground turkey.  Can I tell you how simple, delicious and quick this was? With a generous side of  Aldi’s Asian salad, this was my yummy dinner for tonight.

What did you have for dinner?

Stay tuned for this weekends upcoming recipes…….


Turkey Picadillo aka Picadillo de Pavo

A friend shared a deliciously light turkey picadillo recipe with me…..a surprising mix of ingredients that tickled my taste buds and made me a happy camper!4-13-2019 Camera to Laptop 741

1 lb. of ground turkey

1 chopped red onion

juice of 1 lime

handful of chopped cilantro

1/2 cup chopped green onion

2 grated carrots

1 teaspoon of annatto and garlic salt

Sautee the chopped red onion with a dash of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper; after 2 minutes place the ground turkey in the pan to cook. Disperse a teaspoon of annatto over the ground turkey and another of powdered garlic salt. While the turkey is cooking, chop the parsley and grate two large carrots. Integrate the chopped green onion into the mix and let it cook for a minute, and drain at least two tablespoons of the liquid from the pan. Add the parsley and the lime juice, and cook for 2 minutes, checking to make sure that the turkey is well done. Cover the mix with the grated carrots and cook for another 3 minutes, mixing it well.

I love to eat this turkey picadillo with plantain chips.  The acidity from the fresh lime juice adds an unexpected zesty flavor along with the cilantro. Just love this dish and how quickly it comes together. The best part is that you can eat it right out of the pan or even cold, and it’s delicious either way!