What a View! 1910’s vs. 2013


Yesterday we went to Viscaya with friends and had a wonderful time walking about the gardens. I specifically love the view from the back of the house, which looks over the water…and enjoyed taking this picture which shows the part that was built in the 1910’s, with Miami’s contemporary skyline to the left.

Quite the eccentric bachelor, James Deering had Viscaya built between 1914-1916 by over 1,000 individuals, which made up back then about 10% of Miami’s population in 1914. It took two years to build the house and its extraordinary and quite extensive gardens.

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It was quite a hot day in Miami so we found ourselves at the gift shop, which was rebuilt from what it was originally – a bowling alley! Due to the hurricanes of the 1920’s, the bowling alley was destroyed, so this portion of the house was rebuilt and later the gift shop was added in. We were able to get a refreshing lime sorbet, which was delicious, made by an Italian family currently living in Miami.

If you are ever in Miami, do make the time to visit this amazing home, which encompasses a variety of architectural styles, with an emphasis on Italian Renaissance.