Orange-Lemon Cupcakes



I love working with lemon zest, so I chose to also include orange zest into these light and delicious cupcakes! Only using egg whites, and mixing the lemon and orange zest into the sugar gave these cupcakes a citrusy taste to die for!

I did the same for the cream cheese frosting, including just a tad of lemon extract, which elevated the lemony deliciousness.

Knowing that if I kept these beauties in my house I’d really enjoy them, I opted to give gift boxes away as little gifts……sharing the goodies is always a great choice…especially watching someone bite into a cupcake and see their eyes widen as the lemon-orange taste explodes in their mouth!


I also made chocolate walnut cupcakes…..

2-2-2014 059

A very delicious combo!
2-2-2014 049