New Wine Down and Write event on Instagram!

In order to participate in last night’s “virtual” Wine Down and Write, hosted by the lovely Yolande Clark Jackson, I had to create an account in Instagram. Was pretty simple, praise God…..I confess I am a bit technologically challenged, but I found myself starting to post pictures, and having fun, as I was taught how to be concise, precise and to the point in my English high school class.

As it is a “Wine” Down and Write event, I decided that I needed to set my own stage for the class, so I came up with some yummy sustainable appetizers (aka whatever I found in my fridge!) for the glass of Liebfraumilch that I would be enjoying during the class.

Chopped some sharp cheddar cheese and built my own “building block” with fresh pineapple, and with leftover chicken and spicy crackers, dipped them in garlic hummus. Fresh strawberries did the trick as a fresh dessert, accompanying the glass of Liebfraumilch….the best Riesling ever!



“Wine and Write” Events in South Florida

Last Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my very first Wine & Write. I did not know what to expect, but was seriously surprised with the amazing outcome and participation of everyone in attendance. About 20 of us graced Yolande Clark Jackson’s meeting room amongst a very colorful ambiance in Coconut Grove this past Thursday night, a group of all ages. The invitation read from 7 to 9:30pm. All I can say is that I did not want to leave….it was that Great!

It was a social and writing event, with a wide variety of appetizers and bubblies to share, as well as the amazing Groveade Lemonade, a fresh and light delightful drink created by Courtney Omega, Coconut Grove’s Councilwoman. You too can share in this wonderful drink by making an online purchase through

The evening began by our creation of a haiku. Having not approached this form of poetry in countless years, I found myself counting syllables, attempting to cohesively put a thought together in just a few lines. I surprised myself – yes, I actually wrote something that wasn’t all that bad, though I passed on the notion of sharing my personal creation when we were given the opportunity. Then we introduced ourselves.

I enjoyed meeting the wonderful ladies at my table. Varied conversations, from the spectrum of our tasty appetizers, to modern day art, acting, writing, music and festivals; you name it, we touched base on it! Courtney Omega sat to my left; we could have talked all night long about food, as I’m an avid foodie. Right across from me sat Lakeisha, a violinist, and to my right, up and coming actress and director Analia Tamariz. It just can’t be more creative than that….or can it?

Yolande approached us with 3 minute writing spurts, which definitely  encouraged me to write to my hearts desire, though all we had was paper and pen. If only I had taken my laptop, I would certainly have written much more. Having been given the prompt of “The Record,” we were to first write about what just came to mind. I did a mini version of the main character’s path in The Overcomer, the Kendrick Brother’s movie which just debuted in August. The main character, a young 15 year old, has asthma but feels compelled to run, and run a race against tough competition. In 3 minutes, I delved into the character, pumping my legs and arms to the beat as I climbed another hill before hitting the last stretch towards the Finish Line, thereby beating my own “record.” The second 3 minute writing really took my imagination to town, where a group of instruments came to life, as they composed a dozen songs for a record.

We were given a break, and then we had a writing time of 15 minutes. Here my mind went into overdrive, as Helen and Larry spoke about their relationship and their feelings over a large group of records that had fallen and broken into shards gracing their living room floor.

At the end, we were given strips of paper and each table received a directive to write a couple of sentences that began with different variations which included “the record.”
I was amazed and inspired. Those in attendance wrote thought provoking comments that when joined together, actually made sense!

The 2 1/2 hours – almost 3, went by way too quickly. I could have stayed all night long in such a wonderful creative event which joined the main things that make me happy: people, fellowship, food, writing and creative minds sharing their hearts, openly and without judgement. It truly was a memorable night.

I can’t wait to participate in the next event that Yolande has put together; put October 12th and 18th on your calendars and stay tuned!


October 12th, 2019, Coconut Grove

October 18th, 2019 Friday, 6pm at Hotel Arya