Chocolate Ganache Cake with Mango Frosting – beyond delish!

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I wanted to make something super special for a couple that just had their 35th Anniversary(!!!) so the chocolate cake is a combination of cake flour with melted ganache and sour cream, and the frosting….it’s all about mango.

Needless to say I did a taste test on cupcakes that I made with some of the batter….and me, oh, my! Soooooo good. Dangerously delicious!

Happy Anniversary!!

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Orecchiette with a Tomato-Garlicky-Meat Sauce that’ll make your toes curl in joy!

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Made a homemade meat sauce with plenty of garlic and onions, freshly grated peppercorns with sea salt and tomato puree. When the orecchiette was cooked almost pre-al dente, drained it and allowed it to cook for another 3 to 4 minutes in the meat sauce.

Result: mouth watering pasta in a thick tomato garlicky sauce that just made my toes curl……yum!

Farofa at Giraffas

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I had not had farofa in years….actually I think I had it the last time that I was in Brazil and that was just eons ago… I truly enjoyed the farofa that accompanied a good steak when I was with friends at Giraffas.

Why was it so delicious? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it had copious amounts of bacon and spices that made it a delicious accompaniment to a delicious steak, along with a side salad. This was truly a very filling meal….I didn’t eat anything else until the next day and I had this dish at lunch time, so it was truly a great investment! If you’ve never had it, take the time to go to Giraffas and give it a try….farofa is very rich, so once in a blue moon is OK…but it’s not something that I’ll have repeatedly. If a Brazilian enjoys the food at Giraffas, then you know it has to be good!

This restaurant is located at 9459 South Dixie Highway. The food is quite good.

Uber Darkest Cocoa and Rum Lindt Chocolate Cupcake Nirvana!

IMG_9602I was in the mood to create something luscious… chocolate had to be involved! Had a crazy day dealing with the strangest technological issues…..and needing to de-stress led me to my kitchen, where out came pots and pans and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

I used one bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate chips and one bar of Lindt’s darkest chocolate with cayenne in the thick decadent ganache that covered these babies…..soooo good.  Also poured in two heaping tablespoons of  85% darkest cocoa in the dry ingredients.  Went one step further and use four large eggs instead of my standard three, beating them well with sugar and unsalted butter, and then was it a drop or more like a 3/4 cup of good quality rum, one heaping teaspoon of ginger and another of cinnamon and popped these babies into a 350 degree oven for 17 minutes and out came the most gorgeous naked cupcakes ever! When they weren’t even at room temperature I bit into one….as I am taking them to the office and oh, my! Delicious, light and with a hint of spice coming through. Amazing. But alas, I wanted to make a good impression so I knew that ganache would be the best topping. Out came more chocolate, heated with heavy whipping cream….and oh, my, oh, my, oh, my! These are drool worthy!

New Farmers Market in West Kendall

Looking to find fresh produce and try some amazing food from vendors on Sunday mid-morning through the afternoon? Come on out to the Farmers Market taking place behind the mall where the Regal Movie Theater is located, on Kendall Drive and 124th! It starts at 10am through 3pm. Great place to not only pick up some fresh produce, but also enjoy so many food options and the lovely orchids that graced the grounds.

Today it was just amazingly beautiful outside. Had a grand time checking out all the fresh produce brought up from Homestead and all the goodies that so many vendors had to share.

I tried my very first melon and prosciutto doughnut….yes, you read that right…doughnut! It was delicious. It was light and not dense at all. Stephanie Muniz had some interesting flavors to try out at her Gourmet Doughnuts stand. You can check out her site at

Next I found myself trying Chef Simorelli’s amazingly light amaretto cookies…..slightly chewy, amazingly fantastic, and definitely not overly sweet either…..just had to purchase a small bag. He also has really good pesto and other sauces.

One of the super highlights of the day was when I had an amazing flavor explosion in my mouth trying Nani’s Gourmet Pasta. I was overtaken with the amazing flavor of her Prosciutto and Fontina Cheese raviolis in Alfredo sauce……it was so delicious that I purchased a packet of the pasta to make later in the week. I could not walk away without trying her delicious tomato bisque and had to purchase some to take home with me.

It was a great outdoor event to go to, and I look forwards to going back next Sunday!
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Chocolate & Art Show at Wynwood – Miami Friday Night

Chocolate and Art? It was a no brainer to attend this delicious event this past Friday night, which included amazing art and live music, besides two towers flowing with chocolate and fruit skewers to enjoy!

I was super psyched to see Tracy Guiteau at work in the artistic competition….I asked her if she knew what she would work on and she said “No….it’ll come to me when I start” and it sure did! I enjoyed watching her work, each stroke of her brush making a face come to life in front of my very eyes…..what a gifted artist she is!

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