Loving growing Jalapeños in an AeroGarden!


It is so easy to grow jalapeños! I never thought I’d be growing veggies, but with an AeroGarden, all you have to do it just make sure it has enough water and special veggie plant food!  It’s been fascinating watching them grow.

Seeing the jalapeños transition from a deep green to bright red called me to do what I called a “jalapeño tasting.”

Using the Bullet, a jalapeño was pulverized with 6 oz of tomato sauce, a dash of salt, and pepper, and voila! A semi-spicy tomato jalapeño sauce was created.

Then I chopped up a large onion with 4 tomatoes, red onion, salt, pepper, one green and one red jalapeño and about two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, to create my own kind of pico de gallo.

And last but not least, cheesy cheddar and parmesan biscuits made with fresh jalapeños and jalapeño salsa accompanied the tasting. Yes, you read that right……jalapeño sauce and fresh jalapeños as well as some pico de gallo went into the batter for the cheesy biscuits….and when these babies were done, taken right out of the oven….I admit….I had more than one. They were outstanding!  I had brushed cream on top of the biscuits and then sprinkled parmesan cheese on top…and me, oh, my…..those were just amazing biscuits!

Now I’m waiting to receive some jalapeño recipes from some Mexican friends to try something new!


It was a Baconized Meal! From the appetizer…..to the Awesome Blueberry-Bacon Ice Cream!

Yes, went totally overboard!  My guest wanted a dinner with “bacon in it,”…….so it was all about bacon in each and every way possible!

Not that long ago I attended a “chocolate event” and tried potato chips dipped in chocolate…..so I took it one step further and dropped some bacon bits on top of the chocolate and let it set…..talk about a sweet and salty appetizer!  They were delish and swiftly consumed!


potato chip with chocolate and bacon
I did make my green and black olive tapenade, which was a great hit, and a cream cheese, pepper and bacon dip, with home made three cheese and bacon biscuits!

Wanting to start with something fresh, the meal began with a light tossed chopped cherry tomatoes and green grapes in a light extra virgin olive oil with fresh lemon juice, pepper and red wine vinegar dressing…..and the salad, of course, had tiny bits of bacon in it as well…..

As an entrée, made a home-made red wine sangria for a turkey breast, which was covered with Maplewood bacon and pineapple slices on top……Delish to the max!

Of course there was a side dish…..a type of casserole with mandolined potatoes, zucchini, squash and onions, sautéed in bacon, of course!

And the potatoes, with bacon and some milk, with parmesan cheese all mixed and then placed back in the oven to bake a little while longer…..

Dessert was totally decadent to the max….I made chocolate bacon cookies and turbo-chocolate with bacon cupcakes, served with Blueberry-Bacon Ice Cream!!!!!




All I can say is….we’re still Alive!

Bacon goodness in Scrambled Eggs and an Everything-in-the-fridge Biscuit!

ImageI love making my own biscuits and this past weekend, I wanted a homemade brunch. Finding out that now I have become lactose intolerant, I now have to figure out ways to replace milk with other products…..and the first one that I am trying out is almond milk.  I am glad to say that so far, so good! I have not had any negative reactions. Had a cup of Nespresso coffee with the almond milk and it Worked!! Hallelujah! Happy Camper on that note!

I have an upcoming dinner that I am creating for a friend that requested “everything bacon!” So I decided to try out different things, beginning with biscuits.  Looked in the fridge and put everything and then some in these lovelies.

Not only did I use parmesan cheese but I also shredded about half a cup of sharp cheddar. Also sea salt and pepper went into the flour mixture, along with finely chopped bacon and ham, of course!! Talk about savory, savory deliciousness…and yes, I did use some of the almond milk in the biscuits.  I took some to a couple of people for them to try out and they all said the same thing…..”Delicious!”

So since I am in the midst of creating the menu for this upcoming “bacony-goodness” birthday dinner, I am open for suggestions for the appetizers. I was all excited about bacon wrapped figs or dates, but I was told no way by the birthday boy……so now I am seeking suggestions…..and will continue to surf to find some yummy bacon goodness for savory appetizers.


Zucchini-Bacon-3Cheese-Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Biscuits!

What’s the best way to integrate some veggies into breakfast?  Make sure to puree zucchini and make it part of an awesome buttermilk biscuit!




I am always trying to integrate vegetables or fruits into every dish…..so this morning after finding a zucchini in my fridge, I decided to make buttermilk biscuits, with bacon, parmesan, cheddar and muenster cheese; I liquified the zucchini with a quarter low sodium chicken broth and mixed it all together, baking at 450 for 10 minutes…and can I tell you how amazing it was? It was savory deliciousness in each bite! I had to stop after 3!!!!