Tri-Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier Cake


As I will be attending an event this afternoon, I wanted to take something homemade…and since I had chocolate in my freezer, I decided on a tri-chocolate cake and gave it a healthy drink of Grand Marnier to add flavor to the already exquisite blending of dark, dark Ghirardelli cocoa and Lindt chocolates…..this was a severely challenging cake to make, as I had to restrain myself from licking the spoon, the bowl and my hands!!!! 

I love making ganache…it’s the easiest thing to make and when you blend together many different chocolates and let it sit for a while, a thick layer of chocolate covers the cake and makes it beyond delicious…..

Maple Mango Walnut Cake!


It was going to be a mango walnut crumble, but I found I had maple syrup, so it became a maple mango walnut cake!

The mangoes were not fully ripe so it was relatively easy to peel and slice them into small pieces. I chopped about a cup of walnuts and about a cup of maple syrup went into the dry ingredients…..won’t be trying this one till tomorrow…..then I will see just how sweet this is, as I did not use regular sugar, but turbinado sugar….

Triple Chocolate Threat: Yummy Birthday Chocolate Cake!

2-27-2013 003

It was a friend’s birthday and knowing that she loves chocolate, I decided to go beyond creating a home made frosting…..I opted to use Wilton Chocolate Candies, melted them and poured them over the cake!  It created a candy chocolate shell over the Grand Marnier-cocoa and peach cake…..she told me that she had to pull the cake away from her kids who almost inhaled it!