Who are you loving this Valentine’s Weekend?

Yes, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day and I am enjoying every single moment of it!  This weekend I choose to enjoy every minute of it, as I did this amazing lunch that I just had at Seasons 52, Miracle Mile, in downtown Coral Gables.

Running errands, I heard a certain grumbling and it wasn’t the weather! My stomach let me know it was time for fuel again…….and my thoughts turned to what I could eat that would be extremely flavorful, as well as good for my body, because at the end of the day, whose’s going to hold me up? You got it!

So off I went and promptly arrived at Seasons 52, sat at the bar and the moment that the server was in front of me with a menu, I said with a smile, “I know exactly what I want….an order of edamame and a salmon salad!” and it was the best, the absolute best choice that I could have made. 

What an amazing salad! Talk about presentation, talk about flavor, talk about just amazing amount of food for less than $15!!!! Just sooo good, and the greens were not just greens for show….they were surrounded by bits of chopped mango, cranberries, sesame seeds and a lovely light vinaigrette.  Chef Matt McCormick deserves much praise for his awesome food at Seasons 52!

And that green tea sea salt that they serve with the edamame is also amazingly flavorful…..I will find a way to make my own as this is absolutely one of the most delicious flavorful additions to veggies!!!

But back to the question……I choose to love God. I choose to worship and praise my Creator, the One who chose to give me life, through Whom I get to enjoy every day…and I also choose to love my body by making better food choices, as the fuel will certainly keep me going, going, going – and I have many places to go this weekend!

So do make some time for those people that are the most important to you this weekend and take some time to Praise your Creator, as well as take good care of yourself…..stay tuned as I will be posting a new recipe that will make your mouth water just reading about it. Something easy, light and terribly delicious….and yes, it includes Chocolate!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend!