OMG Moment in my Kitchen!


Yes, this bowl contained two items that when mixed together give your palate a glimpse of what I call “Taste Heaven!”

There’s just something about freshly whipped cream folded in to mascarpone that makes me want to reach in and beyond a spoonful and because there was no one else in the kitchen at the time, I had my fun.  Yes, you read that right.  I took a  crunchy Lady Finger, dipped it into espresso and brandy, and cleaned the bowl!  My, oh my.  What delicious goodness. 

And this was just my second time making homemade tiramisu!  Can you imagine what I’ll do the next time????????

Mango, Mascarpone & Rum Cupcakes!


I put way too much rum into the cream cheese and mango mixture and the frosting became a little runny, but regardless finger-licking good!  I took cupcakes to a friend and she inhaled 2 of them, licking her fingers and rolling her eyes!

I had purchased mascarpone the last time that I was at the grocery store, so I incorporated about 1/3 cup into the wet ingredients.  Besides the pureed mango with rum, the  mascarpone really gave the cupcakes a light and creamy texture.  I had some dried mango, so I cut and put one piece on top of the cupcake….pretty simple, but outrageously delicious!