Chocolate-Orange Liqueur and Peach Cake Pops

ImageI was asked if I wanted to provide a little something for Frank Panico’s premiere, this past Saturday at The Biltmore in Coral Gables, so I came up with a new recipe, inserting Uruguayan orange liqueur in my peach cake pops…..and the outcome was……fantastic!  I received a phone call from a friend this morning, telling me that they couldn’t stop themselves from devouring the samples, as they were not so sweet, but just right!

Frank Panico created a documentary entitled “Lambs Amongst Wolves,” which premiered yesterday in South Florida. You can see more about this documentary at

Triple Chocolate Threat: Yummy Birthday Chocolate Cake!

2-27-2013 003

It was a friend’s birthday and knowing that she loves chocolate, I decided to go beyond creating a home made frosting…..I opted to use Wilton Chocolate Candies, melted them and poured them over the cake!  It created a candy chocolate shell over the Grand Marnier-cocoa and peach cake…..she told me that she had to pull the cake away from her kids who almost inhaled it!