Home Made Hazelnut-Chocolate Sauce!


I adore hazelnuts….they are just one of the top nuts to have around! And when you mix hazelnuts and chocolate….only good things happen!

Off to Trader Joe’s. Came back with two large bags of hazelnuts. Took an entire bag and toasted them, then took a kitchen towel and cleaned off their peel and into the food processor they went along with 1/4 cup of granulated sugar, to be pulverized into hazelnut meal. 

Took one entire bag of Trader Joe chocolate chips and melted it along with 2 oz. of Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt, butter and cream, and incorporated the hazelnut meal till it was well mixed together…and of course, had to take a small taste test…..and yes, absolutely delicious! 

And to make things a bit more nutritious, opted to slice a pear…..because anything goes with chocolate!


Loving growing Jalapeños in an AeroGarden!


It is so easy to grow jalapeños! I never thought I’d be growing veggies, but with an AeroGarden, all you have to do it just make sure it has enough water and special veggie plant food!  It’s been fascinating watching them grow.

Seeing the jalapeños transition from a deep green to bright red called me to do what I called a “jalapeño tasting.”

Using the Bullet, a jalapeño was pulverized with 6 oz of tomato sauce, a dash of salt, and pepper, and voila! A semi-spicy tomato jalapeño sauce was created.

Then I chopped up a large onion with 4 tomatoes, red onion, salt, pepper, one green and one red jalapeño and about two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, to create my own kind of pico de gallo.

And last but not least, cheesy cheddar and parmesan biscuits made with fresh jalapeños and jalapeño salsa accompanied the tasting. Yes, you read that right……jalapeño sauce and fresh jalapeños as well as some pico de gallo went into the batter for the cheesy biscuits….and when these babies were done, taken right out of the oven….I admit….I had more than one. They were outstanding!  I had brushed cream on top of the biscuits and then sprinkled parmesan cheese on top…and me, oh, my…..those were just amazing biscuits!

Now I’m waiting to receive some jalapeño recipes from some Mexican friends to try something new!


Contemplate the thought of a Ginger, Apple and Onion sauce with Chicken……severe YUM Factor!!!

If you’re tuning in today, you might wonder what is going on….chicken again???!!  But this chicken is really delish.  Definitely different and so, oh, very tasty.

Publix, my local supermarket, did have a special sale on chicken, so I stocked up!  Before starting my Insanity workout, I took the chicken out to defrost and get ready for the next adventurous recipe.  Once I finished another crazy workout, now fully energized I went to the kitchen and started rummaging through my fridge.

Out came two onions, one apple, and 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter.  Got the butter melting and then chopped the onions and the apples and let them cook together for a good 10 minutes, shaking in about 2 teaspoons of powdered ginger and a dash of salt.

Once that started bubbling, I placed chicken thighs right on top of the mix, and poured 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar on top, covered the pan, and let it cook on high for about half an hour.  Midway through (after about 15 minutes or so), I turned the chicken over and placed some of the onions and apples on top.

After it had been cooking for the half hour, I took 8 oz of peas and poured them in, letting them soak in the goodness of the onion/apple sauce for about five minutes.

And then I dived in! Wow….talk about flavor…..such yumminess…..it was absolutely mouth-watering delicious, and so easy to make!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Have a blessed evening….

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