Blueberry Madness & Strawberry Delirium……

A cheesecake by itself…..needs some paint, doesn’t it?  So out came the Bullet!

Blueberry Madness sauce is composed of two cups of blueberries, with a mad dash of key lime juice and the juice of one lemon, and a healthy shot of Limoncello…..came out thicker than I had thought, but I had to do a taste test and what better way than to try it on top of vanilla ice cream??

Fresh and frozen strawberries were blended with brandy…..this one came out much more like a sauce……

One spoonful of each on vanilla ice cream….and yes, I admit that the strawberry brandy sauce won, hand down!

But the blueberries were also good….just thick and different….


Tomorrow those that are brave will get to try both desserts…and sauces!



Luscious Strawberries to the Rescue!

In preparation to give a nutritional comparison, I have created two strawberry desserts to present…one a totally decadent creamy cheesecake vs. a light strawberry dessert with cream as well, but much lighter in carbohydrates as well as calories.

One slice of cheesecake equates to approximately 400+ calories, vs. a light strawberry dessert which equates to approximately 225 calories…..both delicious…..which one would you choose?
6-9-2014 654
6-9-2014 660

Strawberries & Ghirardelli-Merengue!


This is the easiest and fastest dessert you can whip up!

Two egg whites are all you need…’s more than enough, unless you want to eat the bowl, lick the spoon and desire more, more, more!

Easiest dessert ever:

2 large egg whites
6 tablespoons white refined sugar (3 tablespoons per egg white)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla
3 teaspoons Ghirardelli cocoa
1 to 2 cups sliced strawberries

Beat the room temperature egg whites with the sugar and the vanilla on the highest speed on your beater for at least 6 to 8 minutes, until it foams up and gains a thick volume. I know that the merengue is done when I can lift the beater and peaks are formed without wilting. If it’s too soft, beat it for a few more minutes until the peaks stand on their own.

Strawberries were sliced, arranged and the merengue went in the middle and then sprinkled with the Ghirardelli cocoa…..
Yum…..just looking at the pic makes me want to go and make some more!

Oh, what a day! And I mean last Saturday, March 24th at Tart & Berry

I had such a Great Time!  Talk about intense baking…..last Friday I ran home from work and made quite a few goodies:

  • Nespresso/Chocolate Mini-cupcakes
  • Strawberry Mini-cupcakes with fresh Strawberry/Neufchatel Cheese Frosting
  • Lemon/Key Lime Mini-Cupcakes with fresh juice
  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Mini-cupcakes, with a hint of orange
  • Banana and Dulce de Leche Mini-cupcakes

And on the savory side

  • Parmesan, olive and sundried tomato mini-mini biscuits, and last but not least
  • Corn and black bean mini-muffins!

I had a grand time baking and what fun it was to meet so many people!  We had quite a few hundred that stopped by to taste mini-baked goodies made by yours truly, as well as try the numerous yummy yogurts and awesome paninis and salads that Tart & Berry sells!

Make sure to stop by Tart & Berry and try out their Tiramisu yogurt… about severe yum factor!!!!